The Croc Leather Hat 2.nd choice Special offer from Kakadu Australia


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Outdoor Hat. 2nd choice
Kakadu Australia Classic. Leather Hat with 3-Straight braided hatband
100% Leather
Leather Hat with false croc hatband
Kakadu Traders Outdoor Collection
2nd choice: The leather can have marks. stains and scratches. If you don't want to spend the bucks but want to look like you did. then this is the hat for you. The CROC HAT has the traditional Australian style with its slightly curved brim and triple eyelets that ventilates around the top of the head. The hat band is an embossed and hand printed leather with the colours of a real crocodile. On top of that. we strapped in 5 molded crocodile teeth; we even stained them to give that authentic look. Brim width- 3inch / 8cm Crown height- 4inch /10cm UPF50 Material: 100% Leather